I am a young artist born and raised in North Western Ontario, Canada, where I gained a lot of the inspiration I hold today. Without any formal training, everything I know and practice is self taught and learned through challenging myself and my capabilities. I strongly believe that, within art, there is no limitations to a person's talents. Only with personal challenges, tedious practice, and the desire to expand one's own wealth of knowledge and ability can someone progress in the world of art. With every day passing, I strive to broaden my abilities and better myself for years to come. Practice never makes perfect, but it makes you better at what you do.

Offering quality animal & people portraits in graphite (pencil) drawings, my number one priority is to give individuals a way to capture and transform memorable moments into genuine works of art at an affordable price.


Last Updated : February 10, 2015

After much debate, I splurged and purchased my own web space to host the website! So, although the domain remains the same to ensure everyone can find me, we are relocated to a new server! In switching servers, I have finally gotten around to updating commission prices, shipping prices, and discounts! Check it out! Over the next couple weeks, I will be updating my portfolio to include my most recent pieces, and maybe incorperating a little different gallery layout too (just to change things up a little bit!).

Coming soon! Prints! By the end of March, I hope to have a supply of prints of non-commission artwork available to purchase on the website. I have been able to locate a company to make prints in 11" x 14" sizes only, so am still on the look out for someone who can help with smaller (8" x 10") prints as well. Once the details are sorted out, I will also be looking into a couple of local distributors to sell prints to the public.

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