I am a young artist born and raised in North Western Ontario, Canada, where I gained a lot of the inspiration I hold today. Without any formal training, everything I know and practice is self taught and learned through challenging myself and my capabilities. I strongly believe that, within art, there is no limitations to a person's talents. Only with personal challenges, tedious practice, and the desire to expand one's own wealth of knowledge and ability can someone progress in the world of art. With every day passing, I strive to broaden my abilities and better myself for years to come. Practice never makes perfect, but it makes you better at what you do.

Offering quality animal & people portraits in graphite (pencil) drawings, my number one priority is to give individuals a way to capture and transform memorable moments into genuine works of art at an affordable price.


Last Updated : December 19, 2017

After two years, its about time Genuine Art got a face lift... And a name change! After finally tying the knot on July 22, Genuine Art by Pamela Parker is now becoming "Genuine Art by Pamela Naumann". Unfortunately, due to an insanely busy autumn season and a fairly hectic Christmas, a full-out update to the site won't be happening until into the new year.

Major update is schedule for February 1, 2018 so check in to see the changes and updates! New products, New commissions, and new pricing to better reflect my client base!

Thank you for visiting Genuine-Art.ca

I guess a new name and site update also means... A New Business Card layout COMING SOON!

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