Work in Progress

For those curious of how my work progresses from start (reference) to finish, I have put together this page which follows the progress of my altime favourite piece, "My Little Sunshine". Below, you will be walked through the stages of this piece from the reference, to the sketch, through the progress, and to the final product. Enjoy!

Title: My Little Sunshine
Subject: Meelah (Jan. 3rd, 2008 to Sept. 8th, 2010)
Paper: 9" x 11" 90lb white low texture paper
Pencils: 6H to 4B standard Graphite

Reference Photo

Work in Progress No. 1: First Sketch
Time Taken: 1 hour

Work in Progress No. 2
Time Taken: 2 hours 30 minutes

Work in Progress No. 3
Time Taken: 4 hours

Work in Progress No. 4
Time Taken: 7 hours

Final Product
Time Taken: 10 hours

Comparison (Before / After)

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